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Claim the prompt(s) you want to see and I will write between 100-300 words.

       1. Naughty Katie
2. Happy Katie
3. Silly Katie
4. Angsty Katie
5. On-Vacation Katie
6. Horny Katie
7. Transforming Katie
8. Excited Katie
9. Book-Reading Katie
10. Dancing Katie
11. Jealous Katie
12. Turned-On Katie
13. Caring Katie
14. On-His-Knees Katie
15. Obedient Katie
16. Dominant Katie
17. Naive Katie
18. Drinking Katie
19. Greedy Katie
20. Daring Katie
21. Exploring Katie
22. At The Beach Katie
23. Bath-Time Katie
24. Disheveled Katie
25. Exhausted Katie
26. Well-Shagged Katie
27. Kick-Ass Katie
28. Playing With Kids Katie

Brotherly Lunch
Ah, glorious Saturdays.  A day of freedom from classes and even from part-time jobs on this particular Saturday.  Katie had slept in, though her parents had gone out of town.  She was still living at home, in order to save money while going to ESU, but they'd said that Jack might stop by later in the day.

Her clock said that it was nearly noon, and so she forced herself out of bed.  Dressing quickly, she walked out into the rest of the apartment to see what she might do about lunch.


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